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    Update needed to existing code please

    Jaxsee Level 1

      I have the following code (thanks to try67) but I need to add another action, but not sure how to do it.


      event.value = ""; 

      var Pack1 = this.getField("Pack1").valueAsString;

      if (Pack1=="Yes") { 

          var MAV = this.getField("MAV").valueAsString; 

          if (MAV=="Up to 250,000") Pack1QSF = 270

          else if (MAV=="Up to 1,000,000") Pack1QSF = 540

          else if (MAV=="Up to 2,000,000") Pack1QSF = 1080

                      event.value = Pack1QSF;


      Everything will be as above, but if a new tick box (HWInc) is checked, the amounts shown above in blue will reduce.

      Thank you