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    Moving Blends after brightness white to black map.



      as the title may confuse you and i dont have much time because i'm at work i'll try to explain short and easy to understand. I have 2 clips of a tree, the movement of the camera is the exact same, only the time is different (one in winter, one in summer), i created a black and white map using this two clips and blurred it out a bit so i get a nice scale from white which is the tree itself over gray which are the leaves to black which is the background. What i wanted to do was using the "brightness"/"grayfade" map to let the summer tree blend over the winter tree in its shape. something like splines and masks that follow. I thought this may either give it a nice growing effect or destroy the clip totally. My problem is, i dont know how to do this, as this seems very complicated..

      please let me know your opinions soon,