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    X99-E WS boot fail code "bd".  Assistance needed.

    JKad Level 1

      I am getting this code with a cold boot.  The boot never gets to post and hangs with this code on the LED's.  I can usually get past it with one or a few resets; one time took several.  It happens every morning and when the computer has been off for an hour or more.  It does not happen on a restart. Once it does boot, it goes directly into Win10; I do not get a message that the overclock has failed.  This code is not in the manual.  I suppose the code could be "6d" which is in the manual as "6B - 6F System Agent DXE initialization (System Agent module specific)". Letters are in upper case in the manual and I do see upper case letters on the LED's as the system boots up.  The code I get would be in lower case.  Not sure if upper or lower case makes any difference. 


      Otherwise, there are no problems with the machine.  The system and components are passing every test including stress tests and this thing is fast, fast, fast!  If you've seen this or have any suggestions, I would appreciate your feedback.