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    cinema 4d camera animation problem

    BIPC Jeff Sydor Level 1

      I'm working on a project in C4D and I've attached the camera position to a predefined spline for my motion path. I've encountered various problems where during animation the camera will bounce around where there is supposed to be a smooth incremental transition.


      For example, I have a set of keyframes in my animation panel which should animate the camera position from 46% to 50% to 51% and so on.


      Instead, between 50% and 51%, this happens:



      So just in between to keyframed positions of 50% and 51%, the camera will bounce back and forth when there are no keyframes.

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          HarryHoag Level 1

          Is this happening when you import your camera into after effects? Maybe this is not the correct place for this question.


          But anyway, is it a problem with your curves if I've understood you correctly? could you not just set the curve between those two keyframes to linear? Sounds like that thing you get when auto-keys try to make a smooth animation but introduces a bump to the animation curve.

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            BIPC Jeff Sydor Level 1

            I hadn't even tried that. As soon as I highlighted those two keyframes and selected the linear button it fixed it! I thought those were for the anchor point style for the bezier curve. Thanks for the tip.


            To answer your other question, yes it did affect the AE camera too.