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    Help please!! Export without copyright


      Help please!! I am working as a baby photographer for a new born clinic. My client needs the pics without copyright, for technical reasons. This is turned off in my camera. But in LR I cann only export them with copyright? How can I turn this off? I have nothing filled in, but he sometimes cant open a file and he thinks, that this is due to LR. Is there any way to have the pics exported with the copyright turned off?? Thanks for help !!



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          Can you be more specific about what you mean by "exporting without copyright"? LR does not automagically add copyright information to your photos, unless you explicitly put it there yourself, eventually via an import preset. In all cases this is just metadata info, and that will never prevent anyone from opening the file, that's for sure. In any case, you can remove the copyright metadata (not recommended) from the files on the library module (right side of the screen, Metadata tab, near the bottom).

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            Thanks for your reply, I found the button to remove the metadata, can try

            to use it for this client. Good to know, that its not the copyright infos

            that prevent opening the file, I thought so too, but thought to better post

            it here. What I meant with exporting without copyright is, that when you go

            to export and down below at the metadata section you can add copyright

            only, camera and contactinfos, all exept camera and camera raw infos, and

            all metadata,  in either case you have no option to add nothing. But maybe

            with that button on the right side, this will work. I will check it out.

            Thanks for you help (y)


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