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    Input text box like Captivate 8


      is it possible to create a rectangle on the stage, make it an input box and validate what the user inputs before continuing? Something similar can be done in Captivate but I don't want to have to embed Edge Animate in Captivate just to do this. Was given some code for creating an input field with a submit button but the code does not show a field NOR a button. I'm not sending the inputted data anywhere, I just want to simulate a user inputting some data, hitting enter, and then continuing with the simulation. Seems pretty straight forward but it seems as if there has to be a bunch of javascript, JQuery or whatever else just to make an input box in Edge Animate. I have a screenshot of the software and I want the text box to appear at a certain point on the timeline so the user can input data when they get to that particular screen.