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    Reverse Geocoding buggy in LR 6.1.1


      After dragging and dropping photos onto the map in the Map module, the Sublocation, City, State/Province, Country, ISO Country Code, and GPS fields are filled in automatically but later on all those fields are blank except for the GPS. Sometimes when I quit LR and go back into it, those fields are filled in again. After selecting multiple images and then selecting individual ones, the information is gone again. I'm not sure what makes it disappear or come back. It doesn't appear to happen to every image all the time. Sometimes one image has the problem, sometimes it doesn't. The GPS field always seems to be filled in.


      Also, sometimes when I drag and drop a photo onto the map, nothing appears to happen. A marker is supposed to appear on the map where I drop the photo. If I leave the Map module and come back, the photos appear on the map.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          You can pause the address lookup. Maybe activate it when you have time away from the computer to leave it running. Try hovering with your mouse/pointer over the Name Plate (see image above) until the icon for the pull-down menu shows up. Click on it, to see the activity window and then click the pause button next to Address Lookup.

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            Hi 99jon,


            I have a similar, but probably more detailed question. What I want to achieve is, that the cameras GPS Data is used to autofill Country and City.


            - Adress look up is turned on, but how can I recognize if the LR is done for existing fotos? I can pause or run it, but that is all of the Informationen I get.


            I haven´t seen the yet the Dialog / functionality, which would allow me to "accept" the data provided by LR. So, for me the next Screen could mean two different things:

            1) The adress look up has not finished yet - therefore there is no data shown.

            2) There is a bug / or I am missing some important settings - therefore no looked up address data is shown.




            To narrow it down, it would be great to have an answer for the first question. (Sorry for the german screenshots; and: the catalog seetings are correct.)


            Cheers & thanks