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    Releasing All Anchor objects/text frames


      Dear All,

      This is my 1st question on AC (Adobe Community), so i will explain what i need here in details and excuse me about my few or even none Experienced in Coding specially in Javascript.


      I have a book with many INDD files, these files has a lot of images and objects and text frames are anchored to main text box.

      i was searched on AC for way to release all my anchored object and text frames from main text frame. so i found script way.

      i found one its name "ReleaseAnyAnchor" and created by "Dave Saunders" to release anchored object (Graphic/text/else) But one by one. and this will take too much time from me to release all the objects on the book. (the code of the Script is below)

      //DESCRIPTION: Release Inline & Anchored Items
      //Written by Dave Saunders, released on indesignsecrets.com
      (function() {
        if (app.documents.length > 0 && // must be a document open
        app.selection.length == 1 && // selection must be of single item
        app.selection[0].parent instanceof Character) { // selection must be anchored
        if (parseFloat(app.version) < 6) {
        } else {
        app.doScript(releaseMe, undefined, app.selection[0], UndoModes.entireScript, "Release Any Anchor");
        } else {
        alert("Please select an inline item.");
        function releaseMe(myPI) {
        var yePage = findPage(myPI);
        var startBounds = myPI.geometricBounds;
        myPI.anchoredObjectSettings.anchoredPosition = AnchorPosition.anchored;
        if (yePage != null) {
        myPI.move([startBounds[1], startBounds[0]]);
        function findPage(theObj) {
        if (theObj.hasOwnProperty("baseline")) {
        theObj = theObj.parentTextFrames[0];
        while (theObj != null) {
        if (theObj.hasOwnProperty("parentPage")) return theObj.parentPage;
        var whatIsIt = theObj.constructor;
        switch (whatIsIt) {
        case Page : return theObj;
        case Character : theObj = theObj.parentTextFrames[0]; break;
        case Cell : theObj = theObj.insertionPoints[0].parentTextFrames[0]; break;
        case Note : ; case Footnote : theObj = theObj.storyOffset; break;
        case Application : return null;
        if (theObj == null) return null;
        theObj = theObj.parent;
        return theObj
        } // end findPage


      also i found another script that release all the graphics objects but not the Text frame objects. (i get it from AC but i don't remember exactly from where.)

      if(app.documents.length!=0) {
          var ad = app.activeDocument;
          var pgit = ad.pageItems;
          var pgitlg = pgit.length;
          var objprocessed = 0;
          if(pgitlg !=0)
              for(i=0; i<pgitlg; i++)
                  if(pgit[i].getElements()[0].constructor.name == "TextFrame")
                      var tfg = pgit[i].allGraphics;
                      var tfglg = tfg.length;
                      for(j=0; j<tfglg; j++)
                          var rec = tfg[j].parent;

      all the codes are working fine for me, but i need to try to merge or make a new code [as i mentioned that i don't have experiences in JS so i don't know how to compile a new code that make 2 steps of the 2 codes.]

      my Request is, Could you please help me to make this new code, or merge them or compile a new code in new file.

      i saw this topic Releasing Anchored objects and want to make a new script.

      Please try to help me ASAP as i need this script to release all my anchored object to start work on the file.

      I need the code to work on any version of INDESIGN.

      Thanks guys, waiting you.