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    Lightroom Mobile - Sync Issue and Shared Public Links?


      I've had several issues with sync where the files are not updating to my mobile device correctly, and I've gone to preferences and run the "Delete All Data" a few times now and have had success each time.  However, this most recent time, my dialog on my desktop Lightroom stating "Syncing 724 photos" is stuck in an unachievable status as I have only selected catalogs with photos totaling 240 to be synced.  Not surprisingly, when I look at the Lightroom mobile tab in the Preferences, I see "Uploads: 981 photos synced" which is the total of the actual images synced (functioning on mobile devices as expected) and the 724 that Lightroom is trying to sync and can't.  (I have opted to not include some previously synced catalogs after my last "Delete All Data" run.)


      My question is two fold....


      1. If this problem was created after running "Delete All Data" in preferences, is there another method of cleaning the synced data that can fix this specific issue?  Again, the photos I have selected to sync are functioning correctly between desktop and mobile.

      2. Is there any way to preserve shared public links on synced catalogs and still be able to refresh the sync in Lightroom when it stops functioning?  Having to update those with the shared link each time causes confusion.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!