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    Dynamic Table of Contents: How to make some entries hyperlinked and others not

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      I've got a dynamic TOC set up in my InDesign book and it's working great in the exported PDF and the EPUB (I use both html and ncx TOCs in the EPUB).


      My question is, can I control which TOC entries are hyperlinked and which aren't? The TOC includes a listing for each document in my book, that pulls in title, subtitle, author, and blurb for each document, based on those paragraph styles. Each of those entries (title, subtitle, etc.) are automatically made into hyperlinks in the auto-generated TOC. I still want all of that text displayed in the TOC, but I only want the text with the title style to have a hyperlink on it. It's a little messy especially in the EPUB versions of the TOC to have every single bit of that info hyperlinked.