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    Multiple instances of Flash Player disk image on Desktop (OS X)

    Edward Helper

      I support Mac computers in a higher Education environment. Recently clients have reported multiple copies of the Flash Player disk image mounted on their Desktop (upwards of 20 copies). They cannot unmount the disk image because they do not have administrator accounts.

      When I look in Disk Utility, there are multiple copies of a file decryptedFile.dmg which mounts the Flash Player disk image. Opening the disk image has a "Install Adobe Flash Player" installer, version I never ran the installer, of course.


      The path to  decryptedFile.dmg is located here:




        Access to the folder "T" is restricted. Do a Get Info on the file and add local admin account with R+W access to see inside.


      As a work around, I unmount all the disk images from Disk Utility and then deleted the file "decryptedFile.dmg". I support a large number of computers, so this workaround becomes tedious and very time consuming!


      I suspect this file is created during the automatic Flash Player update and is not deleted afterwards. This has happened on computers running MacOS 10.10.4.


      Question is, why does this file remain and why does is spawn multiple copies?