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    Sound not on for first 10 seconds in rendered (AMR) video + Sound slightly behind (ARE)

    SpectralKH Level 1

      Trying to render out a 1-hour, 4k, 60fps video using AME, from AE. The whole thing is a soundtrack with an added spectrum to it.


      Most important issue; No sound is playing for the first 10-15 seconds of the video. Then it turns on, directly. This basically makes the whole thing useless to me, and I've tried to render it 3 times without success!


      The other thing is that the spectrum is not synced with the sound; The sound is 0,5-1 second behind, staying like that all the time.


      I have no idea how to solve these problems, I've tried my best, but it serms impossible. I assume it's a too heavy project, but I can always hope for it to be fixed.