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    Publish problem, and a special request

    LucaLT Level 1
      I'm having some problems publishing my app. I made my first RIA using php and mysql for the first time. If I test the app within flash, everything works great, but when I test it from the browser not all data gets to mySQL. The weird thing is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can't understand if it's somenthing wrong with my flash code, or php side, or if it's some option I'm missing in the publish settings. I was wondering if any of the gurus around here could check my code. I'm not really a programmer and I would love to have some feedback from someone who really knows how to write this stuff, not only in order to fix this little problem I have (I'm sure it's something really stupid), but also to understand if I'm my coding is ok (i'm completely self-taught). I prefer not to post the code online, because it's a project that hopefully will be used in my college and I don't want it to go around (even though I bet that no one would really be interested in my app). So, if anyone out there is so kind to help me, I can send the files I'm working with. I wish I could offer some money, but I'm not getting paid for this work, I'm just doing it for the glory. Thank you for your time.