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    adobe illustrator draw


      Does anybody know why adobe illustrator draw on iPad keep saving file as a PNG format? I can't save it in IDEA format. When I open my file in Creative Cloud it still PNG or JPG . HELP!!

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          Revised Answer (for archive)


          Yes! You can save as PSD / PDF / share it to your CreativeCloud account!  Hooray!

          Use the Share button to send it to your CC library.


          If you're sharing / sending to Adobe Illustrator CC, you don't need to convert the data into lines, it's already prepped and ready to go for you.






          When you're saving the file, it lands in your CC folder as a png, but you can send your file directly to Adobe Illustrator.

          If your desktop is logged in with your same CC credentials, you can send the file directly from your open Illustrator Draw application to your desktop Illustrator CC.


          Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be embedded file data to convert (as there is with Adobe Line and Adobe Sketch).


          I posted a feature request in this forum, if you want to +1 it:

          Feature Request: Save to CreativeCloud as vector format (svg / ai / draw)