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    How can I eliminate the prompt/requirement to re-save my InDesign file before packaging it?

    jennifer mn

      I am working in InDesign CC 2014, and when I package any file I am ALWAYS asked/required to save it before it will allow me to proceed. Most often, I'm simply opening the file, making NO CHANGES, and just want to package it up and close it. I don't mind resaving it at that point except then my file dates don't correspond with other companion elements such as a previously exported PDF, and having these date match-ups is important for me to maintain. I'm not readily seeing any preference, or the like, for this setting/prompt?...my colleagues using the same version are NOT prompted to save their files before packaging, so I'm thinking this is something I've inadvertently got going on in some setting of mine?...or?... Thank in advance for any info/tips etc.