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    InDesign CC 2015 cursor lags, selects wrong item

    cckohler1 Level 1

      InDesign 2015 CC (just installed latest update; trashed prefs before that)

      Macbook Pro, Mavericks 10.9.5


      This has been happening for the past few days. The cursor is slow to respond in just about any context and sometimes selects the wrong menu item or text box. It randomly changes from the selection tool to the direct selection tool to the hand when I am doing nothing but moving it across the screen. Grabbing a corner handle to resize a text box may result in moving it instead and then it might take me several tries to let go of it. Or it will resize but it's bigger or smaller than I meant for it to be, even though it supposedly snapped to a guide. When I click on something, there is a lag before the handles appear. The same thing happens when I hover; there is a lag before I see the outline of the text box.


      I've tried two different mice. The issue is not happening outside of InDesign.