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    Photos spontaneously turning to a black square


      I'm working in Lightroom CC 2015 on a brand-new Macbook Pro, latest software, etc. I'm dealing with .CR2 files (Canon RAW), which comprise the majority of my catalog. Every now and then, I'll be moving through the catalog - for example, to flag or reject photos - and an image will, when it comes up in the selector, turn completely to black. So, for example, I'll command LR to flag a photo, LR auto-advances to the next photo in the filmstrip, which looks fine from the thumbnail, and for an instant it will appear in the main view, and then immediately turn to a completely black image. It then appears in the filmstrip as solid black, as well.


      So, I deleted one of these photos from my LR catalog, downloaded a "clean" copy from my Carbonite backup. On my desktop, I can see a thumbnail that is the photo:


      I've re-imported it into LR - in the preview screen on the import menu, the photo appeared as normal:


      Then I click Import, and for a split second it's there, but then turns to black:


      I've also tried opening it in Photoshop, and I get a similar result - I see it for an instant in Adobe Camera RAW and then, boom, all black.


      This is only happening on one or two of my photos; all the rest are fine. It's not like a normal "glitchy" photo - I've had those, where there is digital "noise" - these are perfectly fine and then go completely black. I think I still have them on my CF card; I haven't yet tried going back to that source.


      Any ideas?