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    Flash Partially Installed? - Linux Mint 17.2 VM (Firefox)

    Blackout STi

      So I have a fresh install of LM17.2 installed on my VirtualBox VM. I upgraded to the Firefox Developer Edition (Irrelevant as this issue is occurring across four other machines that use the regular Firefox browser), installed my development tools (Sublime Text 3, lamp-server^, etc.) and then I begin browsing the internet. Lo and behold, Adobe Flash Player crashes everywhere. Literally every Firefox window is telling me that Flash Player has crashed (reload page), but reloading does no good. The plugin crashes before the page even begins to load (seems like it anyways)...


      The Adobe site says I have flash installed... But Spotify's Web Player doesn't think so. Really not sure what is going on here. I know there will be no more updates to Flash Player (besides security updates) for me, however, this player should still be working right?


      Things I have tried:

      Installing the 'flashplugin-installer' package (via Linux Mint Software Manager). After rebooting, same issues existed, so I undid the installation (reinstalled 'adobe-flashplugin' and 'mint-meta-codecs'). I then decided to try to use the .tar.gz file I downloaded directly from Adobe (Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player).


      I followed these instructions to install the downloaded files... Linux Mania: How to install Adobe flashplayer from .tar.gz from adobe website


      Still, no luck. Same symptoms. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


      Here is a screenshot of my situation (notice the "Your Flash Version" at the bottom right - makes it look like flash is installed, yet the other pages do not):