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    Text caption timings work in 'Play Slide' preview, but not firing in any browser preview



      On one of the pages of the first Captivate 8 course I've ever built (using the 30 day trial version), things were going great...until I tried to set text caption timings on one particular slide.

      It seems that I placed 3 text blocks on the timeline properly because  in "Play Slide" preview, all three text boxes appeared as they were set to either hide or appear on the timeline.


      I didn't have the same success in either "In Browser" or "HTML5 In Browser" Preview modes. In those two Preview modes, all I get is Text Block_1. It appears. Nothing else.


      Here's the basic layout...

      Text Block_1 is a block of three paragraphs that appears right away.

      Text Block_2 is also a block of three paragraphs timed to appear right under Text Block_1, and it's supposed to appear about 30 seconds later, synched to a narration cue.

      Text Block_3 appears at about the 61 second point, and replaces the first two text blocks, which are supposed to go away to make room for it.

      Can someone please help me as I'm a Lectora Inspire user using Cp8 for the first time, and I'm trying to do a demo for a new client who only uses Cp8. I need to deliver this to the prospective client this weekend (8/21/15) and cannot go past their deadline.


      Thank you!!