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    View is not correctly rendered. Adjustments not (properly) visible

    DieterVR Level 1


      (sometimes) My edits (positioning/masking/...) aren't correctly rendered in the viewer.



      Here you see 2 screenshots where I added a mask, but it isn't properly shown. You see the green mask, but the view renders it on a other way.

      fout in ae fout in ae



      Windows 7

      After Effects - Creative Cloud CC


      Temporary solution:

      Restarting the current AE-project solves this. But it happens too much!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The problem is impossible to diagnose with the screenshots you have provided. If it's not a cache problem then we need to see the entire project with all modified properties of the layer that is giving you problems revealed. Do this by selecting that layer and pressing the U key twice, take a screenshot and then drag it to the Reply field on this forum. There's probably a user error somewhere in the project. If restarting AE solves the problem then it's probably a cache issue that can be solved by purging.

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