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    spark's datagrid gets blank


      hi guys ...


      iam using flex spark datagrid when i run application it works fine and data showed in the


      datagrid but when i rotate it right or left datagrid becomes blank and rows empty


      here's my simple syntax


      <s:DataGrid id="DGrid" width="368" height="210">



                      <fx:Object FirstName="esraa" LastName="Hashem"/>

                      <fx:Object FirstName="eman" LastName="Mustafa"/>

                      <fx:Object FirstName="hend" LastName="Ahmed"/>

                      <fx:Object FirstName="samar" LastName="Naeem"/>

                      <fx:Object FirstName="abeer" LastName="Hassan"/>

                      <fx:Object FirstName="mona" LastName="Mohamed"/>





      so what's the problem & how can i fix that ?