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    Text effects not updating on cc 2015


      Just updated to CC 2015.  Version is  Using Windows 7 Pro.  If we apply text effects, say an outer glow and/or a drop shadow (the specific effect doesn't matter), but then change the point size of the font or even the font itself, the outer glow (or drop shadow or other effect) still displays as before the change was made.  The only way to "pop" it to display correctly is to go in to the text effects dialog, deselect preview, then reselect preview.  But this only works once, i.e. if more changes are made to the text box, you have to do that same process all over again.  Tried the various iterations of changing display preferences of Live Screen drawing from immediate to delayed to no avail.  Anyone else experience this or have a solution?

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          JK Gulf Coast

          Same here... wish someone else would chime in on this post (i.e. Adobe). Guess we're just small fish in a big pond. InDesign will not refresh the applied text effects (2015.1 Release). UGH!!!

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            I have been having the same issues.Sometimes its a matter of just waiting for a while (+/- 30 sec. at least) for the effect to actually appear updated and other times it just doesn't update at all and I must completely delete the text box or replace the placed object. There have been times though that I changed the text that had an effect applied to the text box and it would still show a drop shadow for the original text... it is incredibly frustrating. I thought perhaps that it may have been an issue due to viewing in High Quality mode, which turned out not to be the case. It still happens in Typical mode too. Odd though, because adjusting the effects really should be able to be done while viewing a higher quality image though... how else can fine tuning be accomplished?  I have a few screenshots below to show what is actually going on and REALLY wish that Adobe would address it. Redoing work over and over again makes time so unproductive and stifles creativity when you start feeling the need to avoid using effects all together . This issue only started happening in the CC versions.


            another drop shadow issue 3.PNGanother drop shadow issue.PNG