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    a very newbish question - goto

    sol_martin Level 1
      it's a basic problem, but it's a problem for me nonetheless.

      my movie has a button that targets the last frame (5). I'm trying to make it gotoAndPlay(5), but if I do that, it only works 50% of the time. The other 50% it goes to frame one and loops back to frame 5. If I use gotoAndStop(5), it'll work once, but then the movie stops all buttons from working.

      I tried prevFrame on frame 6 to see if that'd work, but it doesn't. Anyone know how I can get this to work?
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          yea try gotoAndStop(...)

          that works
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            sol_martin Level 1
            it only works once though. the best way to describe the layout is like this:

            frame 5: has a movie clip, and a command of stop(); attached to the frame

            when you click _root.gotoAndPlay(5); inside the movie clip, it takes you to frame 5 (and loads the basic movie clip)

            when you click _root.gotoAndPlay(5); again, however, I'm guessing the movie clip plays frame 5, nullifying the stop(); command needed, and looping the movie over again.

            if you click the button a third time, and a fourth, it repeats the sequence I just mentioned.

            I simply want it to stay at frame 5.

            Hope that gives more information to the problem.