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    How come in InDesign, I can not put more than 10 pages in a row as a full spread? How do I add more pages to that?

    atjgraphics Level 1

      Hello. Hope you are well. I want to create a 16page folded booklet with crop marks and 3mm bleed.
      I have made this in InDesign using 16 pages. Each page's width is around 100mm.

      In InDesign I want to put the 16 pages together as one full spread in a row. This is so I can stretch one background image all the way.
      I have a few questions and concerns for this one:

      1) It seems that in InDesign it won't allow me to put more than around 10 pages in a row. Is there a way to add more pages to the row?

      2) How will the printer print this booklet? Can they print 16 pages on one sheet of paper...?

      3) If they can't print 16 pages in one sheet then they probably will split this into two parts and then join them together?   
      In that case, how much tab size should I leave for them? Would it be a whole extra page or like 10mm?...

      4) Should I create the front and back cover a slight different size? or keep it the same like all the other inside pages?

      I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback on this.


      Thank you