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    video metadata management suggestions?

    surfinrad Level 1

      I was thrilled when Lightroom added management of video files in addition to photos.  It seems to work fine with .mov files which have thm sidecar files.  However, I'm still having trouble with the metadata for AVCHD (.m2ts extension) and mp4 files.  Unfortunately these import into LR with no metadata. 


      My AVCHD files were imported onto the hard drive using SONY's proprietary software, which created .modd and .moff sidecar files.  I assume these contain the metadata.  Any way to have LR import the data from there? (The original SD card contents were wiped long ago.)  Someone else asked about this here: Re: Reading .modd and .moff files from AVCHD in LR 5


      I'd like to at least add the capture time and the camera make & model.  Since the files were named based on the timestamp, e.g. 20130808_173748, I've been able to add in the capture time one by one with Metadata>Edit capture time.  But it's very tedious for large numbers of files.  Is there an automated way to possibly take the filename and insert that into the capture time field? 


      Also, is there a way to add the camera make and model?