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    where can I find encircled numbers that will show up against dark AND light backgrounds?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      I've got two pages of photos, with text below.  In thirty cases, I'm referring to specific things in the photos, and I need numbers that I can see on the photos that I can also use in the field below, where I can explain things.

      So... I need numbers 1 through 30.

      And the best, most effective design for these numbers, it seems to me, this:

      - the numerals themselves are white

      - the numerals are in a black circle

      - the black circle has a black border around its circumference.  (this third feature is important, I think, because without the black border the numbers don't show up at all well against a dark background.


      My problem is I can't find this design for encircled numbers, not in my Glyph choices (I'm using InDesign 2015 CC by the way) nor on fonts.com...

      I guess I can always pay someone to make these for me in Photoshop, but I was hoping there would be a way to do it in InDesign.


      Does anyone have any advice for me?  Thanks so much,