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    where can I find encircled numbers that will show up against dark AND light backgrounds?


      Hi there,

      I've got two pages of photos, with text below.  In thirty cases, I'm referring to specific things in the photos, and I need numbers that I can see on the photos that I can also use in the field below, where I can explain things.

      So... I need numbers 1 through 30.

      And the best, most effective design for these numbers, it seems to me, this:

      - the numerals themselves are white

      - the numerals are in a black circle

      - the black circle has a black border around its circumference.  (this third feature is important, I think, because without the black border the numbers don't show up at all well against a dark background.


      My problem is I can't find this design for encircled numbers, not in my Glyph choices (I'm using InDesign 2015 CC by the way) nor on fonts.com...

      I guess I can always pay someone to make these for me in Photoshop, but I was hoping there would be a way to do it in InDesign.


      Does anyone have any advice for me?  Thanks so much,