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      Hi everybody, I am an indesign rookie and I am having a freaking problem with a WIP project that i apreciate any help:)

      My customer wants to create a numbered worksheet books a5 that could print and use it to do some drawings and take some notes for their works. The worksheets should be numbered respecting an according series in books of 50 pages.

      I already have the design approved, one table with some text,a header with text and blank space that should be filled in by hand after the print, the logo, and the data variable placed. Then i tried to do the data merge process too, using a .txt file, generated 200 records, multiple records, with no oversea text that i checked previously with prefligh functionality, and the first problem comes here. When i get the merged document the file generated has 200mb. Aware of the corruption problems and some stuff like that i export to .inml (i think that is the correct extension) and i get a new file with 16mb. I think that the problem has been solved, but when i try to export the file, i get a pdf with 200mb for 50 simples pages using a pdf preset: smallest file size.

      I am a Mac user, using indesign Cs6 and i really dont know what’s going on. Any thoughts?

      Here you can find a draft of what should be the final result – (missing the header and the data variable in this version)https://meocloud.pt/link/ba7d3c55-1fb7-40b5-8b08-7f8bb226533e/20150818%20Rascunho.pdf/

          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That sounds like a big file, but  it's hard to know. Not all content will compress -- vector art, for example, and if you have a lot of styles or fonts in use, they will take up space, too.


          You should probably run the PDF Optimizer in Acrobat to and do a usage audit to see what is using the space, then see if the optimizer can get rid of some stuff you don't need.

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            gfcmsantos Level 1

            Hi Peter Spier.

            With another suggestions and further reading i try to export the table as image and after importing them i try to export and the size file is more acceptable. So my problem is solved. But, now i have some doubts regarding the effect of tables produced in indesign in size file when exporting. Every designer already saw different reports with tables and graphics with reduced size files so i dont understand why this is happenning.


            Do you have any idea?


            Thanks in advance.


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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Without seeing the file in question I can't tell you why the PDF is large.  I can tell you that I have a 448 page book with hundreds of tables and photos (mostly grayscale) that exported to a press quality PDF of about 35 mb.


              Have you tried doing a Save As to remove useless change data before exporting? How about exporting to IDML to clean the file (see Remove minor corruption by exporting )?

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                gfcmsantos Level 1

                I believe that table used to get the grid effect is the reponsible for PDF becoming too large. I tried save as, as well the export to IDML and then I export to PDF File and the result is the same, a huge file.


                I tried without the table and the PDF size becomes smaller, so i think that the problem is the table. The table was created directly in Indesign.. I don't understand what's going on.


                For now, this the way I solve the problem:

                1 - Export the table to a .png file

                2 - Import the file to the new indesign book

                3 - Export the new book to pdf


                The size of new PDF is acceptable, but I am doing something wrong. I could not expect that I have to do this everytime i have to use a table within my projects.


                Any thoughts?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Can you show us a screen capture of a page showing the table?

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                    gfcmsantos Level 1

                    I will get the files and use some storage solution and provide the link to you later , so you can take a look at.