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    Populating custom dialog box from previous selections


      Hello everybody:


      I have a dialog box that fills in fields in a pdf in Acrobat Pro DC. This is a non HTML document. The dialog pops up as soon as the document is opened and you make 4 selections. Those four selections populate fields all over the document but only one field is a direct resemblance of a choice. The other fields are based off of the picks but the values they show are completely different. An example would be:


      If you pick a model HL the only places that is generated from that is the overall part number which is a string put together by all of the picks.


      I also have a button that when clicked on it pulls the dialog box back up to make all the selections again. This brings me to my question. Is it possible that when you click on the button to pull the dialog box back up to have it completely filled in with all of the previous choices? I have been searching for a few hours on how to do this but, I cant seem to find anything. I did find an example of dialog boxes, Wizard by WindJack solutions and they accomplished this. I cant seem to figure out how they did it though. Sorry if this is poorly written, I will do my best to explain further should you have any questions. Thank you!