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    Gradient issues

      hi all,

      can someone please help me with some issues i am having whilst taking my first real foray into flex 2.
      my skeleton site is here and the source is there as well.

      There are a couple of issues that i would like to get some direction on how to fix.

      The gradient is repainted all the time as the different components are loaded into the application
      I can't find a way to fade the gradient out so the intro/outro is not as smooth as i would like it to be
      my scrollbars have disappeared even when i explicitly set them to on or auto, when set to on they appear but do not function

      Is there an easy way to achieve the look i am after. I am trying to achieve this with minimal code replication. i.e., i don't want to have alot of states and use fade transitions on those states.

      thanks to all,