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    Why do I have hard edges on shadows after rendering an After Effects 2.5D scene in Media Encoder?

    carlorufinosabusap Level 1

      Hello Community,


      I have a project set up with multiple cards layered in front of each other in 3D. The preview window is rendered in "Traditional/Regular 3D". I have a spotlight and two point lights. The spot light is from above pointing down and the two spot lights are on the left and right. All of the lights have Shadow Diffusion of 15.0 pixels. In the preview window in After Effects CC, the render shows the shadows are soft, but when I export the project to Media Encoder, the shadows become sharp. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I've included an image of my lighting parameters and the preview window and the result after rendering in Media Encoder. The result picture uses a different footage in the picture frame but the shadow effect is the same. You'll notice on the second image the dark bars on the left and right of the actor, but in the first image, the shadow is significantly softened.