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    Save Typing the same text multiple times


      Hello everyone,

      We have a need to create product datasheets to display information to our customers about the products that we stock.

      I have found that within my design the product name appears several times: In the heading, down the side of the page (so it's seen when a user flicks) in the web address www.companyname.com/PRODUCTNAME.


      Is there a way I can simply input this data somewhere once on the page and it update to all other areas on that page? This way it saves time and removes the chance of error.


      I'm thinking there must be a way to type in a name like <productname> and every time <productname> appears it updates in the sheet.


      I think people may suggest mail merge as this seems like the obvious but this is not really an option for me as we are a team of designers who like to see the visual page when putting together product proposals etc.

      Any help/ advice would be very welcome!

      Thanks :-)