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    Need Help with Batch Insertion of Different Images into Existing PDFs

    Blake Denney

      Hello.  Does anyone know how to batch insert images into existing PDFs, using JavaScript and the Action Wizard, in Acrobat Pro XI?  I'm trying to insert several different images (separate, one-page PDFs) as cover sheets to groups of other PDFs.  The names of the images I'm trying to insert are composed of 8 alphanumeric characters, which also appear in my target PDFs.  For example, I'm trying to insert "AAAAAAAA.pdf" as the first page of "AAAAAAAA Part 0001.pdf," "AAAAAAAA Part 0002.pdf," and "AAAAAAAA Part 0003.pdf."  I'm then, also trying to insert "BBBBBBBB.pdf" into "BBBBBBBB Part 0001.pdf," "BBBBBBBB Part 0002.pdf," "BBBBBBBB Part 0003.pdf," etc.  I have several hundreds of PDFs that will require such processing, and I'd like to perform this as a batch operation, if possible.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!