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    Animation Not Working on IPAD (or any apple mobile devices)

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      I'm seeing this as a common issue that has not been answered. I've posted numerous unanswered inquires below.


      I'm hoping that my detailed explanation will give more insight than the posts previously made about this issue, because I've tried a number of trouble-shooting attempts.


      To start, this is the page that has an Edge Animation banner that works on desktop but not on apple mobile devices:  WoodstoneSite


      This is a zipped download of my working files: http://woodstone.businesscatalyst.com/heroanimation.zip


      Ironically, I have a more complex, interactive Edge project on this page (Client Centered Integration™) which works perfectly fine on apple mobile devices:

      I've tried to replicate all aspects of this working file in the non-working file but there's still something different about it, preventing operation on apple mobile products. I'm sure it's some small thing but I can't find it. Any help will be appreciated. Again, it appears others have had this same issue and haven't even been given a response by someone at Adobe.










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          I tried viewing the animate as a stand-alone source here: Untitled and it works fine on mobile devices. So the issue is related to how I have the animation woven into my homepage, vs. the animation itself.


          The div I've tried to place the animation into is set to "auto" height and width. I've also tried "100%" height and width. I really need the animation to be responsive. Hoping that isn't causing the issue.

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            Update to the update:


            Process of elimination, discovered that having an embedded video on the same page as an Edge animation prevents the Edge animation from playing on apple mobile devices. Not sure why this would be a conflict but this is a confirmed issue that could use some further investigation (Adobe staff... any help here????) . Would be interesting to know if the users who listed the same issue above also had video within their pages.