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    Text layer changes typeface intermittently


      I'm having a problem with text switching its typeface for no apparent reason as I scrub through the timeline. The error seems to be contained to a period of time when a specific shape layer is animating (layer #15 in the screen capture). Initially, this problem ONLY occurred when the shape layer in question was above the text precomp ! ! and the text ceased to glitch when the shape layer was below it in the timeline. Now the problem is consistent no matter the layer order. When I first experienced this problem I didn't receive any errors, but as you'll see in the screen capture, I'm getting an error that reads "After Effects Error: CT bad param: invalid glyphID ( 83 :: 2 )" almost constantly as well as "After Effects warning: Unknown Exception."



      I'm using After Effects CC 2014.2 release (version on a Late 2013 Mac Pro running OS X 10.10.2. 32GB RAM, AMD FirePro D700 6144MB graphics card. The font in question is Vortice Concept from Adobe TypeKit.


      Thanks for the help!