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    Undefined Symbols for architechture armv7: "_g_aotSamplerEnabled"




      We are getting linker errors when we try to compile iOS ipa's on our main windows 7 workstation using Flash CS6.  We've seen two errors so far:


          Undefined Symbols for architechture armv64: "_nAOTInfos"

          Undefined Symbols for architechture armv7: "_g_aotSamplerEnabled"


      I've attached two screenshots of the complete length errors below.


      The same projects compile on other workstations without a problem.  And, the same workstation can generate apk's with no problem.

      We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Flash CS6, and have updated the AIR SDK to the latest version (  We've compared the settings between workstations and found no differences. 


      I've googled the as3 linker errors, and have not found either of these specific errors, and only a few other linker errors like these.  Some of those answers point to ANE's, and we have two in our project:





      However, both of these are the latest versions we know of.  Also, the posts usually reference changes to Xcode settings for generating the ANE before compiling.


      Unfortunately, I'm not the main user for the workstation with the problem, so I'm not sure what has changed, but I'm also using windows 7 and the projects compile on my box.  I'm afraid this might be a registry setting, but I'm hoping someone else might have a clue as to what might be broken and what to look for.


      I'm stumped after looking at this for several days!  Any help appreciated!