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    Dual Cinema Displays/Webcams

    MattDZ-jsHCEi Level 1

      I'm running dual Cinema displays each with embedded webcams. When I load character animator, I want to switch webcams that I use with the program. Is there any way to do this in either OSX (Yosemite) or in the character animator software itself?




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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Hi Matt... You can switch cameras from the Camera & Microphone panel's menu (the three-lined/"hamburger"-styled button on the panel's tab). Choose Switch to Next Camera, then wait a second or two to wait for the app to try to acquire the camera source. Repeat as necessary, or use Switch to Default Camera to start from camera 1. Once you set it, it should be remembered for subsequent sessions, unless the number of video inputs on your system changes.


          Hope this helps.

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            MattDZ-jsHCEi Level 1

            Perfect. Thanks!

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              |-|oOKed Level 1

              o0...as high as a kite few minutes ago and crashing down a few minues later.  My elation at finding this software is matched by my utter disappointment at Adobe's forums.  How does a company at the top of the pecking order have a forum so disproportionately utilyzed?  There is a serious disconnect in this part of the Adobe Empire.  Sad.  I can't even find where to ask a stinkin' question.  The need to hide it is clear. 

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                alank99101739 Level 5

                Sorry, not sure what you mean. You are adding a message to the end of a thread that was resolved several years ago. I have actually been pretty impressed with the responsiveness in these forums. Many companies create the forums purely so customers can help other customers.