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    Can i put Lightroom on my D drive ?


         I want as little as possible on my C drive on my PC.  Can I put LR and PS on my D drive?  The options keep going back to C drive.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I know you did not ask about this but is there a reason you're still partitioning your hard drive into C and D?

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Yes you can but you have to do it through the Creative Cloud desktop app. Once you download and install the CC desktop app open it and click the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner and select Preferences. Once that open there are 2 headings, General and Creative Cloud, click the Creative cloud heading. Then you will see a section called Install Location. Click the drop down arrows and select Change. A File manager type window will open and in there you can select the drive and the folder. I put mine on D:\Adobe. Now every CC app you download and install will go to the D:\Adobe folder.


            If you have already installed LR and PS the only way to get them off the C:\ drive is to Uninstall, Run the Adobe cleanup program (I'm not sure that is needed but I don't think it will hurt), then Re-Install the programs.


            With LR the LR Catalog is never touched so that will remain and can be accessed once you do the Re-Install.


            As for "Why you have a D drive" and "Why you partition" that is your business. I also do it as I LIKE IT THAT WAY.