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    How to resolve the alert "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both LR and another application..."

    Mel Hughes Level 1

      I need a simple English answer, please.  Internet search as well as calling/chatting with Adobe (you get India and the language difficulties are an issue) only add to my confusion


      I have NEF images in LR and I select Photo>Edit In>Edit in Photoshop.  I do clone stamp and lasso/content aware fill clean up in PS and then save back to LR (it saves as a TIFF).  Many times I repeat this process and when I do I follow the same process of Edit In (but I select to edit the original TIFF since at this time I have NO LR edits to be concerned with at this point); I clean up the image BEFORE I start LR image processing.


      When I save the image again is when I get the alert that I have changed the metadata outside of LR and am asked whether to overwrite the metadata from the catalog (this is what I choose but NO idea why) or get the metadata from the disk.


      I am very confused.


      Why does using the clone stamp tool and lasso/content aware fill change the metadata and confuse LR?  Since I am in PS when I do the edits, why is the catalog correct versus the disk?  I have generally selected the option to overwrite from the catalog and everything seems to work ok in that the changes show up sooner or later but.....I have NO idea why this is happening or what I am doing by selecting overwrite.


      This keeps me up at night as I don't understand what is going on.


      Thanks for the help.