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    Background color in Develop module is different than everywhere else

    kaiyoma Level 1

      I'm running Lightroom 6.1.1 on Windows 7. If I switch back and forth between Loupe view and Develop view (by alternating with pressing 'E' and 'D'), I can see the background color for the Develop module is noticeably different, even though it's set to Medium Gray in both places. Furthermore, if I press '\' (backslash) in the Develop module to compare the before and after photos, I can see the background color change back and forth, which is incredibly distracting. The background color in the Develop module doesn't match the color used in any other module either. I just installed Lightroom and haven't touched any of these settings, so the background color is still set to Medium Gray everywhere. What is going on?


      Loupe view (normal gray color):




      Develop view (wrong brownish color):




      Develop "before" view (correct gray color again):