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    Develop module is slow and graphically glitchy

    kaiyoma Level 1

      I just installed Lightroom 6.1.1 (I'm very used to Lightroom 3) and I'm seeing some bad behavior from the Develop module. Here's a short series of steps that sums up my experience:

      1. Open a photo in the Develop module.
      2. Press the right arrow key to go to the next photo, which takes longer in 6.1.1 than it did in 3.
      3. Press 'R' to open the crop overlay. This takes up to a second to load, as opposed to loading instantly in version 3. While it's loading, the *previously viewed photo* appears on the screen, then disappears when the overlay is ready. This is clearly a bug.
      4. Press 'R' to close the overlay. Again, the wrong photo is shown temporarily as the overlay is closed.
      5. Press the right arrow key again, go back to step 2.


      The slowness I can deal with, but not the graphical glitches. I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon with all the latest Windows updates (from Microsoft) and driver updates (from Lenovo) installed. Any ideas?