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    Please Help me: Variables Problem

    J518 Level 1
      Hello everyone....I hope to have good luck with this one.
      First of all I apologize for my terrible english, I will try to do my best.

      My problem is as follows:
      I need to make a mailform, but I ned to do it by 3 steps...In the first frame I will have some variables (like Name, Email...) for ex. DataA, B & C. In the second frame i will need to have Data D,E & F and, for last, into the third frame i will have Data G & H....
      Ok, into the first and second frame i will need to have a button to sends my movie to the next keyframe, first goes to second frame, and second goes to third frame. Into the Third frame I need to place my Send button, but when i send it, variables from first and second frame are empty..., so, how should I do to not lose a variable information until third frame without losing my previous data?.

      Thanks for your answer.
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