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    Multiple ToolTip issues

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      hey all. i'm trying to set up custom tooltips for multiple objects in my flash movie. it seems like it should be simple, yet i keep hitting walls. i've got it set up like so:

      two buttons with two different movie clips set near them (these are the tooltips). the first frame of the whole movie has this code:

      ToolTipA._visible = false;
      ToolTipB._visible = false;

      which should enable mouse following for both movies, and render them initially invisable. yes? the buttons then have this code:

      on (rollOver) {ToolTipA._visible = true;}
      on (rollOut) {ToolTipA._visible = false;}

      which makes the tooltip appear and dissappear on those mouse events. the visability code works fine, but only the more recently placed tooltip has dragging properties. the other just appears where it was set and sits there.

      please, i have no idea why this is and have searched for days to try and find an answer. i'm sure it's something simple (i'm no actionscript expert) and would really appreciate someone helping me out with this.

      thanks very much,
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          What you may want to do is to have some AS in the movie clip (ToolTipA) such as an onEnterFrame,

          if (this._visible = true){
          this._x = mousex + 5;
          this._y = mousey;

          I don't think this code is right so you should look up the mousex and mousey in the help menu.

          I don't think you want the tool tip drag able just to follow the mouse.
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            never mind. i found another discussion about multiple startDrag functions and have fixed the issue by applying the stardDrag to the buttons themselves rather than to the overall movie. not sure why you're only allowed one startDrag per object or level. seems a little counterintuitive.