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    Emailing Forms


      My work is in the process of creating a time card template for our employees to be able to fill out quickly on their phones and email their time in for the week. We have the time card as an adobe form already, the issue we are having is getting the time card emailed back blank after they have filled it out. Some employes have iPhone 5s and some have Motorola Droid Maxx's. The iPhone's give the option to "share flattened copy" and the time card comes emailed with all the information needed. The droid's do not have that option and come emailed back blank. I have seen some other post(s) referencing the same issue from well over a year ago but the answers were not clear and I didn't know if there was a solution yet. Please help with what options are available.

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

          Hi Robin,


          As you pointed out, Acrobat Reader for iOS provides the option to share a flattened copy, whereas Acrobat Reader for Android does not.


          However, both Acrobat Reader for iOS and Android apps support form filling and saving forms changes.


          The PDF documents containing form fields or annotations (Highlight, Sticky Notes, Freehand Drawing,etc.) may appear blank when the PDF viewer app (Apple Mail, iBooks, or Safari, for example) that you are using does not support rendering of form fields or annotations.


          Do you view PDF forms on a desktop/notebook computer or mobile device?  Is it possible that you open PDF forms in Apple Mail, iBooks, or Safari on a Mac computer or iPad/iPhone?


          Would you make sure to open PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat/Reader (instead of opening them in non-Adobe PDF viewers)?


          Please let us know if you have any problems opening PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat/Reader apps.


          Thank you