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    Custom componet issue

      I have a class the extents the datagrid. In that class i have a function that loops through the data provider to build a fitler menu.

      This use to work in 1.5 an now when i tried to change to work under 2.0 it no longer works. The function is the following;

      public function parseDataProviderForFiltering() :void {
      var dP:Object = this.dataProvider;
      originalDP = dP;
      dpHash = new Object();
      // Create hash tables that map row IDs into column/value buckets
      for(var i:int = dP.length-1; i>=0; i--) {
      for (var propName in dP ) {
      var propVal = dP
      if(dpHash[propName] == undefined) {
      dpHash[propName] = new Object();
      if(dpHash[propName][propVal] == null) {
      dpHash[propName][propVal] = new Object();
      dpHash[propName][propVal][dP .__getID()] = true;

      the data in the provider is an array of DTO's classes. It use to loop thru property list in 1.5 any idea why it no longer works?