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    Lightroom Mobile on Android and Galaxy Note 5 RAW files


      I just purchased the Galaxy Note 5 and I am a Creative Cloud member.


      The Note 5 Camera in Pro mode is properly producing 30-35 Meg RAW photos in DNG format into the DCIM\Camera directory. This is good.


      Granted a PC is a better place to edit RAW, but there can be times I want to fix an exposure or other RAW edit with only my Note 5 in tow.


      I downloaded Adobe Lightroom Mobile however I cannot figure out the work flow to get the DNG files into Lightroom Mobile. The only way I can seem to figure it out is auto add but it just doesn't work on my device.  There is no way to manually select the DCIM\Camera folder.  I can't manually add the DNG file into the app.


      There are other apps to edit the files and I'll go that route I guess.  But would prefer Lightroom Mobile.


      Is this a bug?  Thanks.