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    Corrupt Section Marker Drop Shadow (Master Page)

    Sue@Jump Level 1

      On an InDesign CC 2014 file, saved as new file in CC 2015 latest version:

      Placing a Section Marker on Master Page with Drop Shadow - the drop shadow shows up as the word 'Section' on all the document pages, even though the text applied to the Section Marker field is different. The drop shadow is not picking up the new information in the Section Marker field.

      It will only update if you release the item from the Master on the Document page then move it. Only then will the drop shadow show the correct text.

      Saving as idml and re-opening does not fix this issue. What a total pain. I have 180 pages to fix manually.


      Another thing I noticed is the Liquid Layout Panel is cropped off and doesn't show the full panel.

      Bit frustrated with this release.