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    Creative cloud app does not work. It's all blank after the spinning wheel stops.

    calinb2217524 Level 1



      I installed CC as trial. I think the trial has expired now but the CC desktop app does not work. When i open it, after the loading icon, it all turns white and i can only click the gear icon where i have 3 options: help / pin to notification area / quit.

      I tried methos 4 and 5 from here > App doesn't open | Progress wheel spins continually but it didn't help.

      I also tried to run the Adobe CC installer again but it just fails. I get an error message like "CC quit unexpectidly...".

      Last, I tried to uninstall the the Adobe software i installed (Ps, Ai, Id, Pr) but still doesn't work.


      I really need to make this work. Any ideas?

      I`m running the latest update of Windows 10 but this problem was here before I upgraded.