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    Installer gives blank window [Adobe, fix your broken installer!]

      After the installer reads the contents of the package and extracts itself, it opens a splash screen and then a new window, both of which are completely blank. This problem has been reported here and here but nothing has been done about it.

      The fix mentioned in the second link allowed me to see what is in those windows, but I ran into the same problem again. I can now select Flex Builder and Flex SDK and press Next, at which point it starts installs through Disk 1 and then pops up another flash screen and another window, both blank again. I had to find the .lax file for the standalone installer in Resources1.zip and edit it as well. I now have to close this window (Firefox) for the installer to continue.

      Adobe, please fix your installer! At first I thought my download was wrong, and in total this bug has cost me many hours reinstalling Java etc trying to get it to work.

      For the record, I have Java 1.4.2, latest Direct X, and WinXP SP2. I use jEdit (Java app) just fine.