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    Colour Swatches / Palette




      Is it possible in InDesign to create automatic personal palette from base colour? I mean we have a many clients and they sometimes not happy with the colour of the logo, so then we try to match the colours and we need to print colour swatches for them (every 10% tint), but question is, is there any way to not do this manually, without creating squares and changing their colours? Is there option in InDesign where you can create an automatic swatches combination from the colour which I will choose?

      Thanks for any help.


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          Can you manually create a sample of what you want, and post a screenshot? ... It seems to me it's not that much work to do manually:


          1. draw a small square

          2. drag it with Alt to make a copy (add the Shift key as soon as you are moving it). Drag the copy to the right hand side of the original.

          3. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D to make as many duplicates as you want.


          Now you have a row of squares.


          4. Change the fill to your percentages – make sure to use the Tint Percentage box, not Swatch Options.

          5. Copy the entire row as many times as you want, once for each new base color.

          6. Select an entire row and apply any Swatch to it. The color will change but the percentages will remain, so you get a tints range for each color.