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    Lightroom on MObile Device with Windows 8

    Pascal1180 Level 1

      HI, I have the Adobe Photograper plan and would like to use my lighroom and all the great syncronisation features additional to my PC also on my tablet.  my tablet is a microsoft surface pro 3 with Windows 8. I can only find  Apps for Andorid and IOS. Is there a solution to use lightroom on a windows mobile deveice withour buying a second plan?


      Thanks for your help. If you need more information to answer my question, please ask.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          LR mobile is only for true Mobile devices. Your Surface 3 is a Notebook/Laptop running a Full version of Windows. True mobile devices are phones and tablets running either Apples iOS or Googles Android.


          You can install Lightroom CC on your Surface 3 but Syncing it with your desktop is another story. LR by the nature of the program is a Single user, Single Computer type of program. Meaning the LR Catalog file isn't meant to be shared across multiple computers. There are ways to do that and there are a few tutorials on how to do that if you search for them.

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            AFAIK there is no mobile app for the surface pro, not even for Windows Mobile Phones, as yet. But if running regular windows it should be possible to install the LR desktop software. You are permitted two installations.


            Obviously you wouldn't get the synchronization via smart previews as with iOS and Android devices and i don't know how it would respond to touch but some claim the LR interface works well on the pro 3.